Hope House: Helping Families Since 1963

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

        – Maya Angelou                                                           


Our Mission

Hope House for the Multiple-Handicapped is a private non-profit organization which provides specialized homes and services for people affected by intellectual disabilities such as autism and other life-long developmental and mental health challenges.

Founded in 1963 by parents, Hope House serves people presenting a variety of challenging physical, emotional and developmental needs. Our comprehensive services are designed to assist the person to become as self sufficient as possible through unconditional support and positive motivation.

Support Our Vision

Hope House brings relief and comfort to families with autistic children. They know their loved ones will receive the proper individualized care and treatment needed to mature into a productive adulthood. With 50 years experience in mentoring children with autism, Hope House is uniquely capable of helping families with this challenging life long condition.  Help these children now as we provide a pathway for their success!

Meet The Hope House Family

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