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 “My autistic son was terribly isolated from peers and the local community before moving to Hope House.  Today, my husband and I are moved to tears when we see how comfortable and relaxed our son is in his new home with his housemates.  He loves the Ranchito Home.  The program is all about empowering the individual residents to be independent in every way possible.” – Hope House Parent



Children’s Behavioral Residential Program

Hope House serves 15 children with developmental disabilities, mental health and behavior challenges.

– Children’s Specialized Group Homes

Halifax and Redstone Homes each serve four children with autism and mental health issues.

– Adolescents’ Specialized Group Homes

Holiday and Park Homes each serve three children dually diagnosed with developmental and mental health disorders.

Adolescents’ Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home (EBSH) (opening soon)

MaryJo Home serves 4 adolescents who require intensive services and supports due
to challenging behaviors that cannot be managed in a community setting without the availability of enhanced behavioral services and supports, and who have been in more restrictive placements, including developmental centers (DCs), locked mental health facilities and out-of-state placements.


– Adult Residential Program

Wyland, Fairgreen and Mildred Homes each serve four adults with severe intellectual disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs.

– Intermediate Care Facilities

Ranchito, Cedar and Schmidt Homes each serve six adults with developmental disabilities complicated by epilepsy, blindness, autism, schizophrenia and physical disabilities needing significant health care.


– Respite Reachout

Providing temporary relief, in-home services to families in the  San Gabriel Valley, caring for a loved one with developmental disabilities. Respite staff are highly trained, experienced and caring Hope House staff.

Respite staff work with your loved one on:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Behaviors/Coping Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Choice Making Skills
  • Social Skills/Outings

FREE 2-Hour Introductory Service*
For more details, contact:
Gloria Bonilla, Respite Coordinator
(626) 747-9303

*Offer valid for new clients only

Therapeutic Services and Consultation

 Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Mental Health Counseling
Medical Specialties
Dietary Management
Developmental Therapy
Recreation and Leisure Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Positive Behavior Support